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Kisapp Smart Ephemeral and Encrypted Instant Messaging App.

We’ve developed a ground-breaking, patent-pending technology to provide people around the world with a maximum level of security and a unique instant messaging experience. As we strongly believe messages do not have to live forever and you shouldn’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands, our revolutionary algorithm sets up an optimal timer before self-destruction for every message you receive, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: keeping in touch with the people you care about.

Preserving Your Privacy

We’ve designed Kisapp to preserve your privacy. Unlike most other messaging services, our users fully own their conversations and we will never monetize their personal data in any way whatsoever. Your messages are your business, not ours. Your communications are protected by our self-destruction algorithm along with multilayers of end-to-end encryption. Once a message is gone, deletion is instantly synchronized across all your devices, and our technology ensures it cannot be forensically recovered from any device.
We do not scan your communications and we have no way of decrypting your data. The only key able to decrypt your messages, your private key, is lodged in a place of your device that nobody can gain access to. We have also set up a strict policy regarding screenshots. Should any screenshot be made by one of your contacts, you would be notified immediately with a copy of the screenshot, and the account of the user would be blocked indefinitely after several attempts.

We place our users' privacy at the forefront of our mission. Period.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

“As global security specialists, ITGuarded are pleased to report Kisapp delivers as promised, and acknowledged Kisapp’s determination for security through vigorous exposure to some expected and some very unexpected testing that demonstrated a secure and robust build in line with industry best practice.” ITGuarded, June 2016. Read more

Kisapp Breakthroughs

Even though a few companies have approached encryption and self-destruction,
we take great pride in having created the very first truly smart ephemeral mechanism exclusively for Kisapp.

  • Smart ephemeral

    Depending on the content of your message, the in-app algorithm sets up an optimal self-destruction timer, and you can switch between 3 speeds of deletion whenever you want.


    Ultra secured communications using multiple layers of encryption. Not a single piece of information is transiting in clear. Your private key never leaves your phone.


    Kisapp is designed to ensure the utmost confidentiality. Access to the app is protected by a password authentification or by using Apple's Touch ID. Nobody but you can enter Kisapp.


    We strongly believe that great security should not compromise speed. That’s why we’ve made Kisapp one of the fastest and most reliable IM apps ever.


    Your account will be instantly synchronized throughout your different devices. A message gone on the iPhone, is a message gone forever, everywhere.


    Switch to our night mode automatically when it’s dark or anytime you want, and enjoy an elegant redesigned interface that is extremely comfortable in low light conditions.

Kisapp Next Generation Messenger

Nothing like Kisapp

With Kisapp, our desire is to provide an innovative IM app with the best possible user experience across all types of devices.

We firmly believe that mobile communications must remain simple, accessible, confidential and secure. Nothing else is more important to us than your privacy and the security of your data, and this is at the heart of our approach:

  • Kisapp uses strong, multi-layered encryption to keep your information safe.
  • Kisapp is the one and only truly ephemeral IM app thanks to our patent-pending technology.
  • Smart Book. Add contacts to Kisapp without having to add them in your device’s address book.
  • Live animated bubbles. Every message is brought to life with our live encryption animation.
  • Smart Peek. Icons are displayed under the contacts to let you know what type of messages they’ve sent you.
  • Built-in private Internet browser.

To celebrate its launch, we’re giving Kisapp away for free for a limited time. Join now!

Multi Device Instant Synchronization

Stay up to date on whichever device you use


If designed for devices featuring Touch ID, Kisapp's first release is compatible with all iPhone running iOS9.

Apple Watch

We are developing a standalone app for your watch, with a unique interface designed to bring you the ultimate IM experience.


Compatible with iPad running iOS9, our app integrates all the latest iOS features, such as Split View. Enjoy the very best of Kisapp with the comfort of a large screen!

Soon on Android

Bear with us, we are working on it. The same level of technology and confidentiality for all, that’s the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Kisapp, Privacy Concerns or Troubleshootings, find answers to your questions.

It can’t be simpler! Register your telephone number and enter the confirmation code received on your device. That’s it, you’re on Kisapp! :-)
Devices using iOS 9 with or without Touch ID are supported by Kisapp. We are also working on Apple Watch and Android version.
These icons are there to show you the type of pending messages, so you know in advance what you'll see.
Nope. We can’t and don’t want to. Your messages are your business. With our end to end encryption, only your intented recipients are able to read the messages you send them.
These are gone forever. We are using a Secure File Shredding function to ensure that they cannot be forensically recover.


Kisapp Blog

We’ll keep you in the loop about our latest developments in this blog.

Kisapp, encryption is for everyone!

06 27 2016

In our active steps to popularize encryption and the safety of personal data, making it easily understandable and accessible to all, we propose you to familiarize yourself with Kisapp.

The ultimate ephemeral IM app.

06 27 2016

Even though a few apps have approached encryption and self-destruction, the proposed solutions are so far perfectible and come at the high cost of an impoverished user experience.

Simple, as your right to privacy.

by Kevin Ansiau
06 27 2016

With Kisapp, our desire is to bring you an innovative instant messaging service, offering the best possible user experience across all types of devices. Today we respond to the problems of freedom of speech and rights to privacy raised by our societies and almost all existing communication tools.


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